TheFork audience segmentation

Optimising growth through customer segmentation

  • Maximising marketing impact
  • Informing effective media buying
  • Refining brand strategies and messaging

Unveiling customer tastes for growth opportunities

Established in 2010, TheFork Australia (formerly known as Dimmi) offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for diners to discover and book restaurants, read reviews, and explore menus. The platform's popularity has grown significantly, attracting a large user base of food lovers and restaurant enthusiasts. But with an appetite to evolve the business further, TheFork team recognised the importance of gaining a deeper understanding of their diverse customer segments to support their continued growth.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of brand research in achieving their ambitions, TheFork sought an agency to assist them in conducting specialised quantitative research to developing a comprehensive customer segmentation model. Their objective was to ensure that their brand was well-positioned to effectively attract and retain their primary and secondary target segments.
  • Quantitative research
  • Helix persona segmentation tagging

Demographic, behavioural and psychographic segmentation modeling

To gain a comprehensive understanding of their brand's potential target markets, explore growth opportunities, and establish a menu for achieving their goals, TheFork embarked on an objective research initiative.

Our approach encompassed quantitative research across a diverse range of existing and potential customers, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of market dynamics and customer preferences. To further refine the targeting strategy, we utilised the Helix personas, an existing segmentation model. By leveraging these personas, we were able to identify specific groups that could be directly targeted through media buying channels, aligning with the same persona modeling framework.

Segmentation research: our recipe for success

This comprehensive research approach provided TheFork with a feast of insights into their foodie-filled target markets, enabling them to identify growth prospects and craft tantalising marketing strategies. By understanding the preferences, needs, and behaviors of their existing customers and potential target segments, TheFork can position themselves strategically in the market, optimise media buying channels, and foster strong connections with their audience.

Through this research initiative, TheFork has equipped themselves with a robust foundation of knowledge to support their growth aspirations With a deeper understanding of their customers' taste buds and the ever-evolving foodie landscape TheFork is well-positioned to navigate the competitive landscape, capture new growth opportunities, and achieve their goals. Bon appétit!

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