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Fueling growth through deep
customer segmentation

  • Elevate market position
  • Explore target mindsets
  • Hone target segment messages
  • Create brand positioning

Unveiling market positioning and growth opportunities

Founded in 2016 as a physical educational centre, Academy Xi has undergone rapid growth and transformation into a prominent online training institution. With ambitious plans to evolve the business further, the Academy Xi team recognised the importance of gaining a deep understanding of their target audiences to support their growth journey.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of a strong brand in achieving their ambitions, Academy Xi sought an agency to assist them in conducting brand research and developing a robust strategy. Their objective was to ensure that their brand was well-positioned to effectively support their growth strategies.

By engaging with BrandMatters, Academy Xi aimed to uncover valuable insights about their audiences, refine their brand positioning, and establish a strategic framework for future endeavours. 

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand strategy

Demographic, behavioural and psychographic segmentation modeling

Academy Xi sought objective research to assess their brand's current positioning, identify growth prospects, and outline a path to achieve their goals.

Understanding both their existing customers and the broader market landscape was crucial for comprehending the status quo and planning for growth effectively.

Our comprehensive approach involved extensive statistical modeling of Academy Xi's target market, encompassing a wide range of potential customers. Additionally, we conducted in-depth one-on-one interviews with their corporate clients, who represented significant opportunities for growth as employers seeking a more skilled workforce.

Based on this deep customer understanding, we also developed a brand positioning platform to guide strategic decisions moving forward.

Segmentation research: mapping our path to success

With a comprehensive customer segmentation and brand strategy documents, Academy Xi gained a profound research-based understanding that enabled them to establish stronger connections and relevance with their target audiences. The strategic brand platform highlighted tailored strategies, messaging, and approaches that effectively resonate with each segment.

By leveraging the insights gleaned from this research, Academy Xi have been able to align their efforts, optimise resources, and pave the way for significant progress. This segmentation research empowers Academy Xi to make informed decisions and navigate their path to success.

Effective understanding, customised approach

"The team at BrandMatters are very effective at understanding the research needs of the business and designing a customised approach. I’ve experienced a lot of research debriefs in my career and the segmentation study was one of the best I’ve been involved with."

Co-CEO, Academy Xi

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