Kick-starting marketing in the post Covid world

For many businesses, the Covid crisis has necessitated a reduction in human resources across the board: client facing, back office, and marketing. In times of economic stress or downturn, marketing is frequently a function that is viewed as an easy downscale, either to a skeleton team or completely, as focus turns swiftly to directly generating revenue.

Yet in our post-Covid world, it will be the generation of demand that will drive the generation of revenue. Supply chains have evolved and restructured. Customer sentiment and priorities – both B2B and B2C – has swiftly shifted. Competitors will be more opportune and potentially aggressive in securing market share, particularly if the market has shrunk.

To capture their share of a possible smaller market, organisations will need to actively review their brand strategy and the key touchpoints with which they engage their customers: honing lead-nurture acquisition strategies, sharpening content creation, creating targeted campaigns, ensuring social, digital, SEO/SEM, advertising and media are all providing clear ROI.

These seismic market shifts and heightened need to go-to-market effectively sit in stark contrast to the reality: how to generate demand when the marketing resource has either been heavily reduced or excised? Rehiring full-time resources may not be a tenable proposition without the revenue stream to support it, matched with high recruitment costs often at 20% of salary.

Organisations are looking for an effective but right-sized solution.

BrandMatters’ BM Inside

For several years, BrandMatters has been assisting clients in taking the pressure off their marketing functions and short-term resource gaps by placing our marketing professionals on-site to drive forward marketing activities and brand initiatives. BM Inside places a BrandMatters marketer inside a business for as many days per week as needed, for as long as needed. Two days per week for three months, five days a week for 6 months or any other appropriate scaling, BM Inside matches the requirement of the business. Best of all the service is completely flexible and can be dialled up or down in line with changing requirements.

BrandMatters assigns an appropriate marketer according to the skill level that the organisation requires, without the additional expense of recruitment costs. Placed on-site quickly, the marketer becomes a seamless part of the client’s team with access back to BrandMatters’ deep brand and marketing expertise. The resource’s briefing, performance management and professional development is managed by the BrandMatters team, providing accountability throughout. In addition, BrandMatters maintains oversight of the ongoing execution of client deliverables and quality control, ensuring the service is completely seamless.
BM Inside creates immediate marketing momentum. BrandMatters’ knowledge of the client’s business combined with the practical experience and know-how of the marketer means the typical three-month ramp-up time of a new employee is eliminated.

BM Inside allows small businesses to kick start their marketing in a right-sized, cost-effective way, so they can start to generate returns before committing to a full-time employee. For medium sized businesses, BM Inside brings an additional and senior marketing resource that can develop strategic marketing plans and coach and mentor junior marketers.

BM Inside can help businesses kick start demand generation in our post-Covid world. With BM Inside in place, business owners can be assured the marketing function will be match-fit for our new normal.

Could BM Inside support your business as an on-site marketing resource? Learn more about BM Inside here or contact us to find out.