7 questions to stress-test a new brand name

August 8, 2023
B2B Brand naming

A business’s name is one of its most important attributes. Along with the logo and brand identity it is the main way of identifying the company and differentiating it from its competitors. How can you be sure that the name you have landed on is going to serve your business well into the future? Use the checklist below to get you going. 

1. Is the name aligned to the strategy, values, positioning and personality of the brand?

Don’t be caught by trying to be trendy! Always bring your new business name back to your core brand elements.

2. Does the name differentiate the business from its competitors?

Sounds obvious, right? Mapping competitor landscape and any competitor name abbreviations (particularly to acronyms) can assist ensure your name will have distinctiveness in the market.

3. Is the name credible and appealing to the businesses target audiences?

The ones who matter most! Clear segmentation and clarification on segment characteristics can assist. Testing naming options against target audiences to capture potential responses will guide name decision making.

4. Is it easy to spell and remember?

Making a brand name to clever for its own good will only detract in the long term. Names that are easy to spell (particularly important for web search) and remember are easier to burn in with key audiences targets.

5. Is it likely to be turned into an acronym?

Very helpful in many instances, acronyms fast-track recognition with audiences. With our natural tendency to shorten, be sure to test how your new name will be used colloquially.

6. Does the name have long-term appeal?

Fashion moves fast! Be sure your name is timeless to ride the waves of fashion and trend.

7. Is it registrable?

With nearly 1.5 million registrations with IP Australia, finding a new name is challenging. Engaging IP lawyers early in your name generation journey can ease the path to trademark registration approval.

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