Thinking outside the Giftbox – Workshops to kick start 2019

February 13, 2023
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As we approach the silly season, our minds are on gifts inside the box… the ones we will be wrapping for friends and family. We would like to throw a challenge to think outside the giftbox, on your business and marketing goals for 2019.

For many B2B organisations, this time of year can be quieter when it comes to ‘traditional workload’, and becomes an ideal time to harness the collective intelligence of their teams to align vision and goals ahead of 2019. Workshops are an ideal vehicle to achieve this alignment prior to the summer break to bring new energy to your business in 2019.

Is it time to ask:

What challenges will the new year bring for my organisation?

What ideas can I bring to start the year off with a bang?

How can I ensure my brand messages are clear and understood?

How can I ignite my team’s passion in the new year?


Facilitated workshops not only allow you to leverage your existing resources and gather smart ideas, it also ignites collaboration and helps bring teams together behind a common goal.

What workshop will ignite your team in 2019?

Marketing & Communications Strategy Workshop

Many of our clients have come to us with a similar problem – they are just too busy working to stop and plan. Scheduling a half day strategy workshop where your team can plan, create and share knowledge allows them to step outside the rush of day-to-day doing. These workshops help extract the information about your target market, competitors and current state of play to help make your marketing more effective. A marketing strategy session in December is particularly helpful to map out the year ahead from a budgeting, resourcing and planning perspective.  

Project Planning Session

Are you planning to launch a major initiative, a merger or acquisition, a rebrand, or entering a new market with a new product? These projects impact many departments over and above the daily BAU, and many other conflicting priorities arise over time. A planning workshop is a strong mechanism to help align teams and effort in advance of the new calendar year, to ensure all stakeholders agree on a clear, delineated path forward.

Brand Activation Workshop

Is your brand feeling a bit flat or staid? Does it need just a bit of energy injected to make it sing in 2019?  This workshop is designed to extract your key objectives, key channels and clarity on what tactics and activity will drive the best result against a manageable action plan and/or calendar.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Workshop

Brands are built inside out, by motivated and committed employees who understand the organisation’s vision, values and behaviours. The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – when aligned and clearly articulated – shapes the culture of an organisation and is central to the employee experience. This experience will assist the organisations’ ability to attract and retain the best possible talent in the market. For more information see our Whatmatters blogs: Winning the war for talent: The employee value proposition and Harnessing the power of employee branding to amplify your brand.

Building a Referral Network Workshop

Word of mouth is becoming increasingly important for all organisations, and often they turn to their networks for advice. Developing strong referrals can be a far more cost-effective and successful form of marketing than traditional advertising, with extensive material benefit and goodwill. BrandMatters has developed a simple guide to developing referral strategies that organisations can deploy in the year ahead. Contact us to learn more.

Developing a Value Proposition Workshop

Does your organisation have a clear view of the value it brings to your customers? Or is it opaque or confused? Over time, value propositions may become blunted as businesses evolve, and even marketing professionals may have difficulty in translating this for the business. This workshop is designed to sharpen your organisation’s focus in developing a value proposition that can be delivered by all your teams across all their customer interactions. See our WhatMatters blog: The power of brand purpose.

Bringing your team on the journey is a great way to keep them motivated, refreshed and energised. BrandMatters are experts in facilitating these workshops and it is an ideal way to ensure you get the most out of your ‘internal brains trust’ to kick start 2019 with a clear vision and direction. Contact us to talk about your brand challenge for 2019 and how we can help.

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