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December 8, 2022
Brand strategy

Somehow, an important part of business is story telling. Research has found that people remember stories more than they remember facts, because stories produce an emotional reaction.

How do you create a brand story?

Brands are involved in people’s lives in many shapes and forms. They are popularly perceived as being about products and services. But a brand is not so much the actual product or story per se, but the result that it creates in a person’s life. What people are really interested in are the outcomes that effect them, and that’s where the brand story can start.

Take the CEO of one of one of the world’s most iconic brands – Harley Davidson. He has said that while they technically sell motorcycles, what they really deal in is experiences. They sell the experience of taking people out of their ordinary lives: what they are really trading is the hour a week that an accountant might take to live out a different dream.

Having a brand story is not just for the iconic brands such as Harley Davidson. All brands can have a story.

Where Do You Tell Your Story?

A business’ brand story should be used across all it’s platforms: the website, blog, social media, direct marketing, PR releases and so on. A seeding strategy can be conducted to find “tribes” to whom your story is relevant. A community to whom your brand story is relevant will be open to you when the message you are communicating is done so honestly and openly.

Some basic approaches to brand story

1. Use a simple context
Don’t get overly complex – too many moving parts throw people

2. Be authentic. People like the genuine
Don’t be contrived.

3. Create content relevant to your customer base
Stay on-brand, don’t chase after what’s merely popular.

4. Think long tail content
Be in it for the long haul.

5. Employ people who live and breath the brand story
Your employees are your brand. More about employee branding here


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