Paul Nelson

Managing Director
Sage / Hero / Nurturer
Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson

Title: Managing Director

Brand Archetype: Sage / Hero / Nurturer

With 30 years’ marketing and brand management experience, Paul established BrandMatters in 2002 driven by the belief that strong brands enable and drive business growth. An accomplished international client-side marketer and the agency’s guiding force, Paul oversees the development of the firm's strategy, client relationships, and people.

Paul has also led significant brand and marketing projects for major organisations and brands, including Wesfarmers Group Company’s, Metcash, Fidelity, Perpetual, Mercer, NAB Group and a variety of brands across the Professional Services, IT, Healthcare and Education sectors. Prior to founding BrandMatters, Paul held various senior marketing roles at McDonald’s, was the Marketing Director at Tip Top Bakeries and Head of Global Brand at AMP. Paul is a also a frequent media commentator and thought leader across mainstream and marketing media.  

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Paul Nelson's Insights

In this era of increasing competition and products that are becoming more and more similar in features and quality, the possibilities of success by competing only on the merits of your product or service are rapidly disappearing. Values have become far more important than functional benefits. Today, a point of view is as important as a point of difference. So how does a brand compete in such an environment?

We’re excited to announce that we will be kick-starting the new year with the first results of our BrandMatters Australian Brand Leaders Study.

The lure of celebrity is everywhere. We watch them; we read about them; we want to be who they are; we want to support who they support. It's therefore little wonder that many not-for-profits choose to use celebrities as part of their fundraising and brand building campaigns.