Signaling to the market renewed intent and aspiration

Rebranding as a tool to maintain market relevancy

A clearly defined brand delivers strong tangible and intangible benefits to all organisations regardless of the industry in which they operate. Brands born from a deep understanding of their market, business environment, target customers, competitors and employees will perform strongly and facilitate business growth. Rebranding is one approach businesses can take to communicate to their audiences about the extent of change in their organisation.

A true rebrand is a journey that involves comprehensively analysing what has changed within your business and strategy, bringing that change to life through a defined brand positioning, and signalling the change to the market often via a new logo or look and feel.

We believe that rebranding:

  • Is a strategic imperative in staying relevant
  • Prepares an organisation for future growth
  • Strengthens brand equity and authority
  • Aligns against aspirations
  • Drives competitive advantage

An overview of our rebranding services

At BrandMatters, we bring our expertise to rebranding organisations, using organisational intent and refresh brand strategies to communicate change and aspiration to the market.

Our rebranding services include:

Contextual review

Map your market, your position within it, competitor activity and organisational goals and aspirations.

Strategy refresh

Refresh your brand promise, positioning and proposition, character and tonality, brand behaviours and key messages.

Visual development

Refresh your visual expression as an output of the extent of change the organisation wishes to communicate.

Launch and activation

Launch of renewed brand, ensuring strong market impact and resonating with with key target audiences.

Signaling clear change to the market

As rebrand specialists, we focus on the strategy behind a rebrand, ensuring you embark on a rebrand armed with all the necessary insights required to make the right decisions for your brand to ignite long term growth.

Contextual review

The first step is to identify where you currently are in the market. Does it differ from where you think it is? Establishing the gap between your current market position, where the organisation thinks that is, and future aspirations is critical at sizing the rebranding task. Read more about our brand research services here.

Brand strategy renewal

A renewed brand strategy will articulate and document the future aspiration of your organisation, that informs all subsequent brand decisions and scope for creative development. Read more about our brand strategy services here.

Visual identity development

Informed by the market context and future aspirations, visual identity refresh is critical in communicating the extent of change and organisation is undertaking. Nothing communicates “we’ve changed” more than a fresh expression. Read more about our brand design services here.

Launch and activation

With the new strategy and identity in hand, we work with our clients to launch and activate their new brands to maximise market impact and begin to shift audience perceptions. Read more about our brand delivery services here.

Rebranding that refreshes and rejuvenates

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to refresh brands, building on an organisation's DNA to continue to engage the market and key audiences.

The Refreshing Guide to Rebranding

Download The Refreshing Guide to Rebranding to see which path could be better for your organisation: rebrand or refresh?

The Refreshing Guide to Rebranding

Brands need to continuously adapt and evolve in order to survive.

Our guide helps you understand the 'what, when, where, why and how’ of a rebrand or refresh, to move forward with a manageable, strategic approach that can ensure relevancy in our ever changing, competitive environment.

Our latest thinking

Explore our rebranding insights from our team of brand strategists.

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