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Attract, retain and effectively engage employees

Understanding candidates and existing employees

Employee insights gathers information from your people or potential candidates. The value of insights employees can provide is often overlooked even though organisations are built by the people they employ. Employee insights provide clear guidance on ways to build strong businesses, and is a formidable method to build engagement, cohesion and guidance on decisions that not only directly affect staff but the wider success of the organisation.

The three main areas you can utilise employee insights include attracting the right candidates, retaining the most effective employees and building understanding from existing employees.

1. Employee insights help drive effective recruitment by:

  • Clarifying motivations and drivers when candidates assess potential employers.
  • Addressing barriers to applying for roles at specific levels or within certain industries.
  • Driving tactics and strategies that will be most influential in terms of attracting the right candidates.

2. Employee insights help retain high performers by:

  • Uncovering the values employees hold and the connection this has to your brand’s values.
  • Understanding what motivates team members most compared to existing benefits.
  • Objectively assessing areas of weakness and potential frustrations that can be addressed.

3. Employee insights help drive decision making by:

  • Gathering a clear and unfiltered perspective of the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.
  • Hearing directly from client or customer facing roles what kind of experience is provided and ideas on how this can be improved.
  • Realistic understanding of the limitations faced by those within the organisation in terms of time and resources.

An overview of our employee insights services

At BrandMatters, we bring our expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods to employee research, understanding that each organisation is different and will require a purpose-built approach to meet their needs as an employer.

Our employee insight services include:

Interview existing employees or candidates

Effective one-on-one interviews that gather detailed information in a confidential setting.

Focus groups with existing employees or candidates

Open discussions for collaborative insights with groups up to 8 people.

On-line surveys with existing employees or candidates

Robust data on brand perceptions and understanding of sub-groups within your audiences.

Delivering employee insights

In-depth interviews with existing employees or potential candidates

Organisations are built by key individuals who help shape decisions and implement plans for growth. These key individuals are often the linchpin of making successful changes within an organisation and without their feedback and involvement plans can be ineffective and costly to implement. These people provide insights into the challenges and capabilities for a business to unlock it’s potential.

Discussions are semi-structured and are particularly useful for speaking to more sensitive areas or for roles that have more seniority as we can discuss opinions and attitudes with discretion and are often able to gather an unvarnished truth.

Focus groups with existing employees or potential candidates

We understand that group discussion and feedback can be a useful tool to discover attitudes that are commonly held and areas of distinction where opinions may differ between individuals. Moderated discussions are often effective at helping groups feel collectively heard and can help people within the group acknowledge preconceptions and assumptions that they hold about organisations.

We specialise in creating considerate spaces for individuals to express and discuss their opinions openly as a group. We ultilise guided exercises to prompt and structure effective conversations so that the information is collected from each member and not just the loudest voice in the room.

On-line surveys with existing employees or potential candidates

From internal employee surveys to market surveys that collect responses from potential candidates, we collaborate with our clients to produce the most relevant and useful data by customising online questionnaires. We understand that sometimes decisions need the numbers to back up potential choices and we work hard to uncover the insights the data provides and not just the basics.

BrandMatters can help understand more than just the percentages as we analyse core targets and roles to uncover the truth that helps businesses make effective decisions about their employees. Whether it be using knowledge from existing employees or understanding how to engage with ideal candidates more easily we at BrandMatters can design the right survey for the needs of the business.

Creating clearer brand decisions though employee insights

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to brings employee insights and engagement to strategic decisions.

The Guide to Employer Branding

Download The Guide to Employer Branding to learn more about how to build an engaging, emotive employee value proposition that reflects the essence of your brand. 

The Guide to
Employer Branding

Stand out as an employer of choice in your industry by creating a unique employee value proposition, one that truly aligns with the essence of your brand and sets your company apart from competitors.

Our guide provides valuable information as to the importance of employer branding in attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent to your organisation.

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