Customer insights

Insights from customers that drive evidence-based business decisions

Making effective decisions through customer understanding

Customer insight research enables you to understand your existing customers, your competitive context, your potential and lapsed customers as well as gaps in the market that no business is known to meet currently.

Customer insights can drive brands making informed decisions, by providing current information about their motivations, attitudes, challenges and mindsets when deciding between brands offers.

An optimal customer insights project provides relevant information that helps to leverage existing strengths to their best advantage and also provides areas where an organisation can optimise performance.

An effective customer insights project helps answer key questions such as:

  • Clients / customers – Who are they?
  • Drivers – What are their purchasing motivations and needs?
  • Behaviours – What do they choose, why do they choose, how do they come to their decisions?
  • Attitudes – What are their perceptions of your brand vs competitors?
  • Obstacles – What obstructions may disincentivise purchase?
  • Opportunities – What gaps are there between customer needs and what is on the market?
  • Optimisation – What areas of the customer experience or service/product offer are weak?

An overview of our customer insights services

At BrandMatters, we bring our research expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods to customer insights, understanding that each organisation has different customer or client sets and will require a purpose-built approach to meet their research needs as a decision maker.

Our customer insights services include:

Brand health research

An objective process of measuring and assessing the overall perception, awareness, and equity of a brand over time.

Campaign tracking

A research tool to monitor and evaluate the performance of marketing initiatives across various media platforms.

Customer segmentation

Grouping your target market into distinct segments based on shared characteristics, attitudes, and behaviours.

Concept testing

Gathering feedback and customer reactions to new ideas, key messages, or services to evaluate potential viability.

Delivering customer insights

Qualitative research

Qualitative research engages with audiences in a more personal setting to extract key motivations and drivers behind attitudes and perceptions towards brands and decision-making behaviour.

Our qualitative research methodologies include:

  • In-depth interviews. A powerful tool that extracts and unpacks the complex issues within your business, your market and explores the key challenges you face. Whether existing clients or potential customers, in-depth interviews enable deep dives into the driving forces behind their decisions. They encourage open, free exchange of information, allowing us to cover sensitive and confidential topics.
  • Focus groups. Gathering a diversity of stakeholders and interests in a controlled environment to extract insights, test concepts and draw out broader brand considerations.
  • Online communities. An evolution of traditional qualitative focus groups, online communities are a specifically designed digital environment for a closed group of people, active for an extended period of time. Online communities elicit comprehensive and deep responses from consumers in a forum that is often more familiar and convenient for digital users.

Quantitative research

Quantitative research provides the data-driven confirmation by measuring wider audiences and enabling greater exploration of different target groups.

Our quantitative research methodologies include:

  • Online market surveys. An effective method to gather information about wider consumer preferences, behaviours, opinions, and attitudes. Online surveys enable businesses to reach larger and more diverse audiences, allowing for efficient data collection, and detailed analysis for decision-making processes.
  • Client panel surveys. For businesses that may have more unique customers or clients we also tend to provide an additional survey link for distribution to the organisations existing client database. This enables us to reach out to a group that are more familiar with the brand we are conducting research for as well as ensuring we can a selection of responses to contrast the wider market with.

Delivering insights for effective decision making

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to unpack complexity and unearth meaningful customer insights.

The Guide to B2B Brand Measurement

Download The Guide to B2B Brand Measurement for insights into the various methods to measure and evaluate brand health. 

The Guide to B2B
Brand Measurement

Measuring and evaluating the performance of your brand and marketing activity is critical in ensuring your organisation is delivering accountability for your business objectives and brand strategy. 

This guide is designed to help you gain a better understanding of brand measurement and evaluation methods and how they can empower organisational growth and business strategy across organisations.

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