Brand positioning

Creating a clear, ownable and authentic market position

Using brand positioning to drive market differentiation

Brand positioning is your organisation’s place in the market relative to your competitors. It creates clean air for your brand, expresses your point of difference and provides the foundation for your purpose and character.

A clear positioning acts as your brand promise, can help rally your people, and attracts the brightest and the best. It helps shape and guide brand decision making, provides an anchor point for evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities, and a framework for creating and operating your portfolio of products and services.

A clear and concise brand positioning:

  • Provides powerful competitive advantage
  • Allows you to stand out in cluttered categories
  • Sustains your ability for premium pricing
  • Is relatable to clients
  • Is authentic for employee and targets
  • Drives, and does not stifle, future brand growth.

An overview of our brand positioning services

At BrandMatters, we bring our expertise to brand positioning development, understanding the competitive context and identifying optimal market positions your organisation can own.

Our brand positioning services include:

Brand and market positioning review

Identify and evaluate through market research your current position and any gaps in how your clients perceive you.

Brand positioning articulation

Articulate your organisation’s brand and market positioning, the ownable space in your marketplace that competitors can’t claim.

Brand positioning activation

Brand planning for launch of a new or refreshed brand positioning, ensuring strong market impact and resonance with key, target audiences.

Generating competitive advantage through brand and market positioning

Defining where you are now in your market

The first step is to identify where you are. Where do you think your organisation sits in the market? Where are you competitors? Are you all too close? And do your clients and customers believe that your organisation of today aligns to your brand positioning of yesterday?

Through market mapping and the qualitative and quantitative research of clients, customers and the wider market, we can determine your current market positioning. This sizes the task – does your positioning need refinement or recreation?

Articulating your new brand positioning 

Your true north. The guiding star. The red thread. There are many metaphors that describe brand positioning. Whatever description works best, brand positioning is your opportunity to create a central point from which all brand decisions are made.

We work with our clients in defining the optimal brand positioning and championing that to leadership, Boards and wider groups of key stakeholders.

Activation and action

From an approved new positioning, we collaborate with our clients to produce positioning activation plans that begin to shift client and market perceptions. Through marketing and communications workstreams, we can identify key audiences, channels and priority activities to authentically engage your core audience segments, literally repositioning you in their hearts and minds.

Creating unique brand positionings

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to identify the clear air that organisations can authentically own in their market.

Our latest thinking

Explore our brand positioning insights from our team of brand strategists.

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