Brand naming

Create an identifier as
unique as your business is

Driving differentiation through a compelling brand name

Naming is one of the most critical activities when branding organisations, products, services, technologies or experiences. Even more than visual identifers such as logos, your name immediately qualifies not only your business, but is proxy for your standing and reputation in the market and the esteem you are held in by your clients.   

Clients and consumers create strong emotional connections to brands through their brand names. Where values and personality is shared, these emotional bonds can become even stronger.

Smart naming can also accelerate marketing efforts, with a strong differentiating name providing the advantage of heavy lifting. An instantly recognisable name makes marketing more effective.

A considered brand name:

  • Is instantly identifiable to the market and clients alike
  • Creates positive associations in the minds and hearts of your audiences
  • Sharpens differentiation from competitors
  • Enables greater legal protection of your business and its brand assets
  • Becomes synonymous with certain values, characteristics and attributes.

An overview of our naming services

At BrandMatters, we have named many business, products and services, all creating strong differentiation in crowded domestic and international marketplaces.  

Our brand naming services include:

Brand namestorming

Creation of potential brands names for leadership and Board endorsement and legal review.

Working with your IP lawyers

Ensuring preferred names meet thresholds for trademark registrability in Australia and other jurisdictions.

Market research on brand names

Evaluating market sentiment towards current or potential names against competitor sets and the wider market.

Creating brand names with market impact

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to name new businesses, mergers, products and services.

An Introduction to Naming

Download The Introduction to Naming to see what naming opportunities are available and information on trademarking and protection.

An Introduction to Naming

Brand naming is one of the most challenging and rewards aspects of brand creation. Audiences and stakeholders alike can emotionally connect with a brand through its name.

Our guide provides an introduction to the scope of naming types, current trends and protection considerations that can be made in the name development process.

Our latest thinking

Explore our naming insights from our team of brand strategists.

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