Brand architecture

Organise and optimise your brand portfolio to drive brand equity

Driving competitive advantage through brand architecture strategy

Brand architecture is the way you organise, manage and go to market with your brands, products and services. It defines the specific purpose and role for each brand within a portfolio and how they are presented at a corporate, divisional, product and service level.

Brand architecture frameworks create the necessary connection or separation in the minds of your audiences between your products and services. This maximises market reach and minimises brand overlap, avoiding confusion and market share cannibalisation.

An optimal brand architecture strategy provides competitive advantage, and is a powerful mechanism with which to build trust, advocacy and deliver on an organisation’s brand promise.

A well-defined brand architecture model:

  • Clarifies your offer in the minds and hearts of your audiences
  • Enables sharper targeting of market segments
  • Provides a decision making framework for brand extension, new product development or new acquisitions
  • Reduces overlap in marketing and communications investment
  • Drives brand equity and is key to effective brand management

An overview of our brand architecture services

At BrandMatters, we bring our expertise to brand portfolio management, negotiating the complex hierarchies, histories and interrelationships between your brands, product and service offering. 

Our brand architecture strategy services include:

Brand architecture audit and review

Review current portfolio offer to uncover efficiencies and market positioning opportunities.

Brand architecture modelling and recommendations

Organise the portfolio to provide clarity to senior stakeholders as a masterbrand, branded house, sub-brand, endorsed brand, or house of brands.

Brand architecture deployment and activation

Test, plan and deploy revised brand architecture, launch to the market, benchmark and measure.

Delivering portfolio clarity

Brand architecture audit and review

Organisations grow, diversify, divest, merge, sell and acquire. Either through organic or inorganic growth, an organisation’s brand architecture framework can become cumbersome and confused over time. This provides challenges – but also opportunities.

BrandMatters can audit your current suite of products and services, objectively mapping the relationships and areas of disconnection, overlap or synchronicity. Brand architecture mapping establishes a base from which to make portfolio decisions.

Brand architecture modelling and recommendations

We work closely with our clients, senior leadership and the C-Suite to provide recommendations on the optimal arrangement of an organisation’s parent brand and product and service brands.

From master brand to branded house, endorsed, house of brands or mybrid, our modelling defines the role each brand plays in your organisation, respecting complexities and legal structures, and arranges them to make sense for stakeholders' evolving markets.

Brand architecture deployment and activation

From approved modelling, we collaborate with our clients in producing brand transition plans that migrate, merge, retire and renew brands, working with technical, legal, operational and marketing teams to deliver brand transformation.

We can also develop designed visualisations of brand architecture strategy that evolve current brand and logo presentations to align with the revised recommendations.

Creating clear brand portfolios

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to create sense of complicated brand portfolios.

Creating clear brand portfolios

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to create sense of complicated brand portfolios.

An Introduction to Brand Architecture

Download The Introduction to Brand Architecture to understand the different models of brand architecture, the business benefits of each and what to consider when instigating an architecture review.

An Introduction to
Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is designed to help organisations ensure that each and every brand within their brand portfolio has a purpose and performs a specific role. 

Our guide provides an introduction to understanding brand architecture and how it can help you confidently organise, manage and go to market with your brands.

The Guide to Brand Architecture for B2B Organisations

Download The Guide to Brand Architecture for B2B Organisations to learn more about how a smart portfolio strategy can enhance brand equity.

The Guide to Brand Architecture for B2B Organisations

B2B clients demand specialised knowledge and have complex needs. These demands often lead to businesses creating multiple brands tailored to these specific needs.

Our guide provides valuable information for B2B organisations on how brand architecture can provide a strategic solution for brands during periods of business growth.

Our latest thinking

Explore our brand architecture insights from our team of brand strategists.

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