Brand strategy

Align your organisation with a clear direction, purpose and positioning

Data-driven and insight-led brand strategies

Brand strategy lies at the heart of all successful organisations, aligned to business objectives and driving marketing decisions. Successfully deployed, it is how you win the hearts and minds of your audiences, both the market segments you are targeting and the employees you wish to attract and retain.

A compelling brand strategy creates connection with your clients, and separation from your competitors. Comprised of your organisation’s unique characteristics, values and attributes, brand strategy articulates your purpose – the reason for your organisation’s reason to be, it’s essence. It identifies your market positioning, the clean air that is ownable by your business first and only, a sustainable position to be claimed and built on.

Our data-driven and insight-led brand strategies are built on the key findings and insights from rigorous qualitative and quantitative brand research. Data-driven and insight-led brand strategies. Our strategic approach, based on research, articulates:

  • Brand purpose – Your reason for being
  • Brand positioning – Your unique and ownable space
  • Brand architecture – The optimal structure of your brands, products and services
  • Brand personality – Attributes, characteristics and behaviours
  • Brand benefits – How your clients and clients succeed with you
  • Brand propositions – The messaging framework to tell your story consistently.

An overview of our brand strategy services

Our brand consulting deploys key insights from brand research findings to develop a robust, evidence-based brand strategy.

Our brand strategy services include:

Brand positioning

Own your unique position in the competitive marketplace.

Brand platform

Articulate your brand values, behaviours, characteristics and attributes.

Brand messaging

Communicate your brand character and value proposition to target segments.

Delivering market impact through a clear brand strategy

As a brand strategy agency, it is our mission to articulate a strong robust brand strategy that will become your organisation’s guiding light for future brand and marketing decision-making, anchored and informed by your organisation’s key points of difference.

Enhanced brand equity. That is the ultimate benefit of brand strategy.

A clear and well-executed brand strategy leads to a stronger connection with clients, building loyalty and advocacy over time. It connects to your people and the brightest and best you wish to attract. It enhances your reputation with other stakeholders, regulators, government and the media. A strong brand purpose and positioning, consistently communicated, leads to greater brand equity.

Brand positioning

Your brand positioning is your organisation’s place in the market relative to your competitors. It creates clean air for your brand, expresses your point of difference and provides the foundation for your purpose and character.

A clear positioning acts as your brand promise, can help rally your people, and attracts the brightest and the best. It helps shape and guide brand decision making, provides an anchor point for evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities, and a framework for creating and operating your portfolio of products and services.

Brand platform

Your brand platform is the clear articulation of who you are and what do you as a brand, and most importantly, how you deliver that offer to your clients. In a brand platform, your value proposition, attributes, behaviours and tone of voice all come together to form your unique brand character that will create a memorable brand separately you from your competitors.

Brand messaging

Your brand messages package and deliver your positioning, proposition and character to your clients and the wider marketplace. Honing messaging platforms per segment and channel will drive authentic engagement with your audiences and crate sharp differentiation from competitors.

Building brands through clear strategy

At BrandMatters, our reputation is built on our ability to create brand strategies that align to organisational goals and drive future aspirations.

Our latest thinking

Explore our brand insights from our team of brand strategists.

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