The Guide to Financial Services Rebranding

Our Guide provides valuable information for financial services organisations on when to rebrand, the rebranding process and how rebranding can strengthen business results.

BrandMatters has developed The Guide for Financial Services Rebranding to help business leaders and senior marketers link business strategy and brand. It identifies when a rebrand would be strategically advantageous, and what is involved in the rebranding process.

The Guide to Financial Services Rebranding contains valuable insights and information for financial services organisations.

The Guide will:

  • define the difference between a rebrand and a refresh, and the business cases behind both
  • identify whether your organisation needs to rebrand
  • scope your project and link it back to your overarching business strategy
  • identify the key steps and project milestones for your rebrand
  • identify other brand resources and tools to assist the rebranding process

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