The challenge

Plumtree is a not for profit organisation that provides support to children with disabilities aged 0-7 and their families, to allow them to grow and develop, reach their potential and participate in the community. When they came to us, they were known as Pathways Early Childhood Intervention Inc., and this was often shortened to Pathways or Pathways ECI. The name created confusion about what the organisation did, and due to Pathways being quite a common name, it was difficult to find in online searches.

They were growing and in the process of developing a new centre in the Sydney’s inner west, and needed to explore a name change and rebrand to better position themselves and raise their profile in the community and with the corporate sector.

The process

Through meetings and ongoing consultation with the board, BrandMatters helped Pathways explore the pros and cons of a name change, and recommended that the change be undertaken. We supported them through a naming generation, screening and evaluation process and assisted with tagline generation and recommendations.

Plumtree was chosen by the organisation due to its association with the physical property (the centre has a huge plum tree in its grounds, which is fondly viewed by staff, children and families), its symbology and its uniqueness. The tagline, “Pathways for children and families” was chosen to link back to their heritage and previous name, and better describe what they do.

BrandMatters coached Plumtree on the importance of ongoing communication around the transition and education of all their stakeholders on the name change and rationale, and thus, Plumtree created an explanation video. We also helped create the brand story for Plumtree, provided tips and critique on the development of the new logo and brand collateral, developed a recommended timeline for the brand launch and rollout and provided ongoing advice throughout the launch period.

The outcome

The new brand was successfully launched to all stakeholders, who love the new name, logo and visual identity. Through specific, targeted communication, employees, clients and the community were taken on the brand journey and understood why the name change occurred and the rationale behind it, ensuring a smooth transition for the brand to its new identity.

With a strong, unique and memorable new name and brand story, the organisation has grown from helping 200 children before the rebrand, to helping 535 children now – an increase of 168%. For the first time, Plumtree is positioned to reach new audiences outside their historical footprint and to conduct fundraising in the corporate sector.