Knosys creates software that empowers organisations, providing them with new ways to find, use and share information, which allows them to better deliver to their customers, employees and stakeholders.


Knosys software-as-service solutions boosts productivity, collaboration and connectivity in the digital workplace.

In an increasingly competitive market, Knosys were looking to build out their brand to further increase market share through two of their main offers: their knowledge management solution, KnowledgeIQ, and their intranet software solution, GreenOrbit, a US-based acquisition.

Knosys’ question was how to promote and consistently communicate the Knosys branded software offer and messaging to existing and potential new clients that would drive sustainable growth. The intent was to make the brand stronger and more distinctive, communicating with credibility and clarity.


BrandMatters approach included developing a refreshed Knosys brand strategy and harmonisation of the visual identity across the Knosys, KnowledgeIQ and GrenOrbit brands. The brand strategy then came to life through communications and marketing tactics designed to increase brand consideration.

  • Desk research
  • Employee focus group


  • Brand positioning development
  • Brand story, elevator pitch and key messages
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Marketing workshop
  • Marketing plan
  • Logo development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website development


  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Logo development
  • Website development


The new Knosys and KnowledgeIQ websites were launched in May 2021, signalling to the market an evolved intent and ambition. With a new brand positioning, harmonised visual identity and tiered approach to marketing tactics, the organisation has set itself up for a period of unprecedented growth.

The launch of the two websites sets the basis of a new digital ecosystem of Knosys SAAS solutions. Together, the organisation now presents to targets, clients and investors the breadth of their SAAS solutions under one unified brand.