Is your brand fit and healthy for 2019?

February 13, 2023
B2B Brand research

Technology and innovation often lead the way in fulfilling consumer wants and needs. Organisations need to be prepared for the future by knowing their customers: what they are thinking, what they are feeling and what they are doing. Understanding how to remain relevant is critical in ensuring you are not left behind in this ever-evolving landscape.

But where to begin? An Outside-In strategy uses customer value as its pivot, whereas an Inside-Out strategy begins with a focus on the company’s own capabilities and strengths.

At BrandMatters we believe it is important to do both. But how?

A clear view of the world outside

Brand tracking – checking the pulse of your brand

How is your brand tracking against the market or the perceptions of your customers? Is there a gap? Have views and attitudes changed over time? BrandMatters can design and implement a tracking program for your brand – using your customer database or researching against the wider market –  to deliver insights that can help your team stay focused on enhancing your brand equity and reputation. We have an active normative database of 15,000 business owners and decision makers that can help track your brand’s performance within a B2B context. Find out more in our WhatMatters blog, Brand tracking – a vital part of your brand strategy.

Desk research – mining insights from existing data

We live in a world of data. Mega data. But how much of the data you already have is being maximised? What data do you have that could generate insights, but is hidden in files and on servers? BrandMatters can interrogate your existing documents including existing market research to generate new insights that can help set strategic paths forward for your business.  We discuss this further in our WhatMatters blog, Finding the insight through brand research.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys – understanding our customers’ view

We can often make assumptions about what we think our customers want, feel and need. Gaining an understanding of your customer’s opinion and perceptions is critical in continuing to sustain and grow your business. Customer satisfaction surveys can become a part of your buyers’ process, but often this is at the end of the purchasing journey: data is collected and not used to its full potential. Or we ask the wrong questions and the information is not very insightful or helpful. Our brand research services page has more information or download our E-Book: The Guide to Brand Research.


Gaining the internal perspective

Building a strong brand needs to come from the inside out and brand values need to be adopted and lived throughout every interaction with your customer. Therefore, in conjunction with your external research, it’s important to gather the internal view on your employees’ motivation and confidence in delivering to customer and market needs.

Employee surveys – internal brand health

Ongoing sense checks via employee surveys can also help monitor your team’s positivity towards the brand and their ability to delivery against the brand promise. A focus on creating, using, and analysing employee satisfaction surveys will help you understand how best to adjust your approach to meet not only the market needs but theirs as well. Properly constructed employee satisfaction surveys provide the insights that are foundational to creating and reinforcing a positive work environment. Find out more on our brand research page.

The team at BrandMatters are passionate about research – in fact we have more than 50 years of collective research experience. Deep-diving into research data and extracting insightful and useful information is what we live for. Our brand research services can be found here.

BrandMatters can help you gain both an inside out and outside in perspective on your brand. Contact us to talk about your overall brand strategy and using research to evaluate the health of your brand.

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