Logo revamp sets roos loose in critics paddock

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Paul Nelson was interviewed about the Qantas logo as part of The Age's article by Kate Hagan.


To the layperson, it's still a white kangaroo on a red background. But it seems you mess with an Australian icon at your peril. For critics, from a branding expert to planespotters, the new-look Qantas logo just doesn't fly. "Very grounded and heavy" was the reaction of BrandMatters managing director Paul Nelson, noting they were attributes not ideally suited to aircraft. "Because of the new tail they've put on that kangaroo, it seems a lot more squat and not as sleek as the old logo," he said. "What we had previously was a really light and elegant and flying kangaroo. I'm not sure whether this version could actually take off."

Mr Nelson, whose clients include NAB and Telstra, said messing with a much-loved logo was a high price to pay for it to fit neatly on the new Airbus A380's slimmer tail, on which the kangaroo's feet appear to have been amputated.