Did Alphabet give Google permission to change its identity?

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Paul Nelson discusses Google's new logo and parent brand in his article for Mumbrella.


Alphabet has taken over Google – but does this new structure mean people will stop ‘googling’ and start ‘alphabetting?’ Paul Nelson argues that this change is more than skin deep. Despite the omnipresence of the Google brand we argue the recent logo change is at best peripheral compared to the changes made at a brand architecture level.

The revised organisation of its brands and its creation of Alphabet means Google escapes the constant market and investor scrutiny and is freed up to focus on what it does best. This is the main game – the logo change is really summed up improving scalability and readability on digital devices – and after 16 years it was due for a refresh. Over the past few weeks, there has been considerable commentary in the press about the change of structure at Google, and its adoption of Alphabet as a name for the new parent.