Branded on my own

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Paul Nelson was the key contributor to this Desktop Magazine article on branding by Brendan McKnight.


What is it about branding? We hear about employer branding, personal branding, super brands, even brand Beckham. At the same time, everyone seems to be rebranding right now, with examples from Woolworths, Pepsi, the New South Wales Government, Melbourne, Kraft and the ANZ, just to name a few. So why the sudden buzz around brands and what exactly is at the heart of it all?

Paul Nelson, managing director of strategic brand consultancy BrandMatters, explains. “It has certainly been a busy period on the branding front. Effective branding is the interpretation and expression of an organisation’s business strategy communicated across all mediums. When thinking about brands in this way, you can begin to understand what the buzz is about. We’re also experiencing changes affecting market conditions, customer behaviour and media habits.”BrandMatters sees a brand as a unique promise – that must be kept. To do this the promise has to have meaning as well as reflecting and enabling the business strategy. Defining that brand ‘promise’ (the essence at the heart of the business and offer) and expressing it effectively and consistently across all interactions involves insight and commitment, and a whole lot of work.

So if you thought it was just a case of creating a logo and slapping it on your website, products and business cards – think again.