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Through years of experience across hundreds of brand projects, BrandMatters understands what makes a brand project successful. We have developed a methodology which reduces complexity, maximises stakeholder engagement, ensures alignment with your business objectives - and achieves results. Our methodology comprises three distinct phases:

Consult: Brand Research

Uncover brand insights

During the Consult Phase we immerse ourselves in your business - including your organisational and marketing strategies, market, customers and competitors. We also collaborate with your employees, stakeholders and customers as needed to draw out information. Our aim in this Phase is to clearly define your challenge and objectives, and uncover the insights that will lay the foundation for your brand’s development and expression. Every client project is different, but the Consult Phase may include:

Stakeholder engagement harnesses the experience, knowledge, aspirations and values of stakeholders. It also improves the likelihood of acceptance and buy-in from individuals in the organisation and the marketplace.

BrandMatters uses a variety of techniques to involve and engage your stakeholders, ranging from in-depth interviews, to workshops, to off-sites and regular communication. Your stakeholders may include any or all of the following: board members, senior management, employees, investors, distributors, franchise partners, ambassadors, influencers and suppliers. We use the insights gained from your stakeholders to help us develop your brand strategy.

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To develop a thorough understanding of your business, we turn to your existing data first. There is significant value in reviewing, rediscovering, synthesising and distilling the wealth of information that already exists. Doing this with objectivity and specific objectives in mind can uncover surprisingly rich and actionable insights.

Where possible, we review and synthesise business and brand strategies, marketing plans and campaigns, research reports, surveys, competitor analysis, market data, sales reports, employee surveys, brand health monitors and more.

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Stakeholder depth interviews are a powerful tool to engage with senior and other key stakeholders in your business. They allow us to delve into the driving forces behind the project and tap into the vision and passions of these people. They encourage open, free exchange of information and also allow us to cover sensitive and confidential topics. BrandMatters creates tailored discussion guides, and interviews typically run from 30-60 minutes, either in person or over the phone. We use the insights gleaned to feed into the development of your brand.

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Brand research can help answer key questions about your category, customers, employees, stakeholders and brand – and deliver powerful brand insights which enable growth.

BrandMatters has extensive experience in designing and executing bespoke qualitative and quantitative studies, analysing the results, and extracting powerful insights to guide brand development.

Qualitative research can include in-depth interviews and focus groups. Quantitative research can include online surveys, telephone surveys and personal surveys. Talk to us about how we can design a cost-effective research program for your brand.

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At the conclusion of the Consult Phase, our researchers and strategists review all the information we have discovered through desk research, interviews, workshops and brand research and distil it into a set of powerful insights. These insights lay the foundation for the development of your brand in the Create Phase. We develop and deliver a written brand insights report, and present our findings to you and your key project stakeholders in an interactive session.

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BrandMatters uses workshops at different stages of a project to involve and take stakeholders on the brand journey, extract insights and develop and test strategies. Our skilled facilitators define your workshop objectives and design bespoke agendas including stimulating, interactive and fun exercises and activities to draw out insights.

We regularly run workshops on brand positioning, brand architecture, customer and employee value propositions, marketing planning and go-to-market strategy. Contact us to see how workshops could benefit your organisation.

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Create: Brand Strategy

Build your brand

During the Create Phase we use your brand insights, combined with our expertise and creativity, to craft your brand positioning – the unique, relevant, credible and sustainable position in the market that you will own. We then develop the supporting elements that will strengthen and explain your brand. If required, we can untangle your brand architecture and develop an architecture strategy to take your brand to market. And if your brand needs a new logo and look and feel, our creative team will step in, using strategic insights and your approved brand positioning to inspire development of a new visual identity. The Create Phase may include:

Your brand positioning – also sometimes called brand essence - is the unique, relevant, credible and sustainable position you own in the market. It builds trust with your customers, employees and shareholders. It’s the reason people choose you over your competitors. It’s the heart and soul of your business - in fact, your brand positioning should drive everything that your organisation does, from organisational strategy, to the products you launch, the way you communicate, and how your employees behave.

Our brand strategists apply their creativity and intuition to your brand insights to define your brand’s unique essence. They tap into our proven thinking, tools and techniques, and design workshops with you to refine their ideas. Your brand positioning and pyramid is then documented and presented to you. We can also create and document your supporting brand strategy.

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Communication plays an important role in building a strong, enduring brand. Any communication coming from your brand needs to be clear, single-minded, consistent, and reflect your brand’s personality.

BrandMatters can develop your succinct brand story, including who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you do it and what makes you different, and this can be summarised into an elevator statement. These are very useful tools for your stakeholders, to ensure everyone has the same understanding, and can consistently speak about your organisation.

We can also define your brand’s tone of voice in alignment with its brand positioning, and develop a set of key messages against each of your audiences – key ingredients in any copywriting brief.

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Brand architecture is the way you organise, manage and go to market with your brands. It defines how your brands are presented at a corporate, divisional, product and service level. Our expertise and objectivity allow us to ask the right questions and negotiate the complex hierarchies, history and relationships that can often exist within organisations. We’ll present you with a clear brand architecture framework and strategy – for your current brands, as well as any new brands you may create or acquire in the future.

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A CVP explains how your brand positioning turns up for a particular target audience. You may have several CVPs – one for each of your brand’s defined target audiences – especially if these audiences are quite different. A CVP firstly defines the target audience and their specific need or problem. It then describes how your brand solves that problem or addresses that need differently to your competition, and the proof points, or reasons your customers can believe that.

BrandMatters uses proven tools, techniques and workshops to define and refine your CVPs.

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Strong, enduring brands are built from the inside out, by motivated and committed employees who understand an organisation’s brand, vision and values and the role they play in delivering to them. An EVP shapes the culture of your organisation and is central to the employee experience. It allows each employee to see how he or she fits into the grand scheme of delivering on your brand promise. It enables your brand positioning to shine through every employee, affecting the customer experience. And it will help you to attract and retain the best new talent.

BrandMatters can translate your brand positioning and values into an effective EVP that explains your offer to employees – and what you as an employer expect in return.

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Your brand name often delivers the first impression of your business. People see it on signage and collateral. They hear it and use it in conversation. They touch it on screens. A strong brand name is enduring – so it’s critical to get it right. Your brand name is an opportunity to reflect your brand essence, and make a real impact on your target customers.

Creating the right brand name requires brand insights, a proven process and imagination. Our team is experienced in writing naming briefs, generating long lists and applying filters and screens to derive a recommended short list. We have created many new brand names for our clients – talk to us to learn more.

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Great brand design is born from great insights and understanding – but comes to fruition through imagination and creative talent. To allow this process to unfold, our in-house designers work seamlessly with our brand strategists. They translate brand insights into thoughtful, distinctive and compelling brand logos that reflect each brand’s essence.

But your brand is so much more than just your logo. Your logo needs a visual identity, or “look and feel” to support it. A look and feel is a system of recognisable elements including primary and secondary colour palettes, design devices, fonts, photographic or image style and iconography.

BrandMatters can create a brand new logo and visual identity for you, evolve your current logo or refine and build out your current look and feel.

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Express: Brand Design & Development

Bring your brand to life

In the Express Phase, we bring your brand to life. We express it visually, verbally and experientially, across all touchpoints and channels. We develop your brand stationery, templates, communications collateral and website. To ensure consistent application of your brand, we develop comprehensive brand guidelines for employees, suppliers and partners. And we can also develop your go-to-market strategy and execute campaigns for your customers and employees. The Express Phase may include:

Our experienced in-house design team will ensure your brand identity is rolled out consistently across every visual touch point. Depending on your needs, we can design entirely new collateral for your newly created or relaunched brand, use your existing brand guidelines to develop aligned collateral, or simply make minor changes to your existing designs.

We can help you with stationery and templates, business cards, brochures, annual reports, print advertising, signage, packaging and more.

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Our designers have a real passion for digital design, and keenly follow new thinking and developments in the field. They understand the criticality of your digital design reflecting your brand’s personality – and the practicalities of user experience. They also understand the huge impact that the digital world now has on driving business, and the crucial role that digital design plays.

You can talk to us about website design, banners, electronic direct mail (eDM), PowerPoint and other Microsoft templates, digital advertising, app iconography and design and more.

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BrandMatters has a network of trusted suppliers that we work with to produce printed collateral, promotional items, signage, coded templates, website builds and digital advertising. Our client managers and designers are experienced in working with suppliers to ensure your materials are produced consistently, at a high quality and on time.

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Strong, enduring brands are built and strengthened over time through consistent application. A professionally developed set of brand guidelines introduces and explains your brand, explains the logo and its rationale, and spells out the way your brand’s logo and visual identity must be used in order to maintain its integrity. Brand guidelines are also sometimes called a brand style guide. They generally include sections on logo specifications, primary and secondary colour palettes, design devices, fonts, photographic or image style, iconography and usage examples across different collateral.

The BrandMatters design team are experts in developing brand guidelines. We can create them from scratch for your new brand, or if you’re not happy with your current brand guidelines we can refine and build them out for you.

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How you deliver on your brand over time is just as critical as its initial creation. That’s where planning and implementation comes in. Many of our clients turn to us for help when their internal resourcing is tight and timing is critical. We can help to identify and capture your brand’s objectives, audiences, messages, touchpoints, priorities and go to market strategy in a marketing or communications strategy or plan. We can also create an implementation calendar and budget, and develop and execute entire campaigns.

Brand communication and campaigns should target not only your external customers and prospects, but your internal stakeholders, too. Your employees are your brand’s most important ambassadors and storytellers. Initiatives and campaigns that educate them about your brand and encourage them to engage with it can reap great rewards. Our strategists and creatives are experts in designing and executing employee brand campaigns. Talk to us - we’d love to share our ideas with you.

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Managing your brand effectively over the long term involves implementing programs that continue to engage your stakeholders, employees and customers. It also involves measuring your brand’s performance – internally and externally. This can involve measurements like brand engagement (internal), brand awareness, advertising awareness, brand preference, product usage, customer satisfaction and loyalty and net promoter score (NPS). It’s a good idea to firstly establish a benchmark – an initial set of measurements that you will compare future performance with.

Talk to us about how we can help you benchmark your brand’s performance and measure it over time with brand evaluation and tracking programs.

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