Creating a game-changing brand to power dementia research

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Dementia is an ever-increasing problem, with it now being the second leading cause of death in Australia. Recruitment is the main obstacle when it comes to medical research in this area, with 3 in 5 studies having to terminate because of this very issue. A research team, funded by the University of Sydney, was created to combat the challenges around recruiting people for dementia studies and research.

Our challenge was to create a new brand for this new project. A brand that would inspire and ignite action. The following questions were asked:

  • How can we position the brand and tell a story of value to researchers, carers, people with dementia and the general public that will capture their attention and make them want to participate?
  • What logo and visual identity will differentiate the brand in the most evoking way?
  • What name will stand out and capture people’s attention?
  • How do we motivate those with and without dementia to proactively participate in ongoing research studies?


Our response to StepUp’s challenge involved a tailored approach that included specialised research, strategy and design:

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand development workshop
  • Brand story
  • Logo & visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Infographic design
  • Microsoft Office template
  • Business cards and other assets


  • Created a positioning that resonated with both researchers and patients and their mission
  • Created a name that motivated action
  • Created a logo and visual identity that evoked participation and differentiation
  • Designed a look and feel across their website and marketing collateral that was both warm and engaging

Created a set of guidelines that would help future-proof the brand and ensure its consistent application across all touchpoints.


Through working with Brand Matters I have learned a great deal about creating a brand that speaks to the heart of those who are going to use our new program, StepUp for Dementia Research. Now I know why we should go to experts when it comes to branding and marketing. Staff at Brand Matters were prompt in their response to our questions and requests for any changes and new features. The most memorable part was at the beginning when we worked together to come up with key messages that align with our values and goals - the way they engaged my team and me was highly constructive and positive. Throughout the processes we felt we were valued customers and could ask any questions.

- Program Director at StepUp for Dementia Research (The University of Sydney)