Creating a game-changing brand to redefine and create new excitement within the aviation sector.


DigEcor was an Australian provider of in-flight entertainment (IFE) to the international aviation industry. In 2018, digEcor acquired the IFE arm of US-based, Rockwell Collins, and required a new brand to launch this consolidated offer to the global market. In the leadup to launch, digEcor approach BrandMatters to determine:

  • How can we position the new brand in an already crowded market?
  • How can we transfer the key characteristics and attributes of both digEcor and Rockwell Collins into the new entity?
  • What new brand name will engage our global audiences?
  • What visual expression will differentiate the brand and future-proof our visual identity for the years to come?


In response to digEcor’s challenge, BrandMatters provided the following:

  • Desk research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Global client interviews
  • Employee workshops
  • Brand naming
  • Brand logo & identity
  • Brand narrative
  • Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
  • Corporate stationery
  • Microsoft Office templates
  • Image library
  • Brand launch materials


  • Burrana was launched in early 2019 with an impressive market impact and has generated increased market share throughout the course of 2019. The word burrana is an Australian Indigenous word, meaning ‘to fly’, which aligns to their purpose of helping airlines create extraordinary passenger experiences.
  • The new brand has created excitement within the IFE sector and helped generate new and experienced talent from within the industry.
  • Burrana continue to work with BrandMatters on a range of product portfolio and brand architecture considerations as the new global brand becomes embedded.


“As understood well by the BrandMatters team, branding is notoriously subjective. BrandMatters’ objective approach and the structure of process they follow was fundamental to the successful launch of our new global company brand. Not an easy task when bringing together two very different companies’ culture, people, products and brand equity built over 50 years. We are delighted that within 12 months our company brand is creating great recognition, curiosity and interest. There is a great excitement across our business and industry as to what comes next.”

CEO, Burrana