Orium Finance & Binnari Property Case Study

The challenge

Binnari Property and Orium Finance, two companies with common ownership, originally came to us with generic, non-distinctive names that were difficult to find in online searches – Property Investment Consultants and Home Funding Solutions. They had recently separated from their parent company, and needed to define their brand strategies, develop new and independent brand identities and create compelling brand stories for their clients and prospective clients. They also needed marketing plans and go-to-market strategies to achieve their future growth plans.

The process

Using insights from desk research and depth interviews with senior stakeholders, clients and partners, we crafted the brand positioning for each brand.

We then followed our brand naming methodology, and created new brand names with strong rationales. Binnari is an Aboriginal word for ‘to climb’, which implies a rise or increase in value or rank. Orium is derived from the Latin word ‘Orior’ which means ‘to arise’. The name injected a fresh sense of energy and excitement, indicating that the business was arising and in a new phase, beginning a new chapter.

The new brand positionings led to the development of a customer value proposition, brand story and the key messaging for each brand. We created new logos and visual identities for Binnari and Orium and documented both brands in brand guidelines.

We produced corporate stationery, templates, website designs, copywriting and marketing collateral for each brand, and ran marketing / client experience workshops followed by development of a marketing plan including a referral strategy.

The outcome

Both businesses have been rebranded and relaunched. Binnari and Orium are delighted with their new names and brand identities, and the change has been a catalyst to get all internal audiences aligned and reinvigorated, ready for a new chapter of growth and success.

The brands now have a clear brand direction, marketing plans and go-to-market strategies, and marketing operations are now measurable, accountable and effective.

We knew our brands needed to be refreshed and reenergised to achieve their potential, but we didn’t really know how to go about that. BrandMatters were fantastic. After conducting research and analysis, they clearly defined the brand positioning for each brand, and recommended we change both brand names. They devised two meaningful, exciting new names for us, and created sophisticated, compelling new logos and visual identities which the whole team loves! They also helped us map out and refine our clients’ experience with us. We are really happy with the work, and continue to partner with BrandMatters.

Director, Orium Finance & Binnari Property

BrandMatters services used:


Stakeholder engagement
Desk research
Brand insights & recommendations
Stakeholder depth interviews


Brand positioning & strategy
Brand story
tone of voice & key messaging
Customer value proposition (CVP)
Brand naming
Brand logo & identity


Graphic design
Digital design
Brand guidelines
Marketing & communication - strategy

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