Brand execution

Brand execution brings your brand to life

After you have completed brand development or rebranding, it's time for brand execution.

The brand execution stage of your project is all about bringing your brand to life, and launching it internally and to the broader market. It's about developing your marketing and go-to-market strategies and planning for launch. It involves successful project management. And it involves managing, monitoring and measuring your brand over time, to demonstrate ROI for your stakeholders.

Brand marketing strategy

Once your brand strategy has been created and signed off by the business, you'll need to create a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. Marketing strategy is shaped by business strategy and brand strategy - they all work hand-in-hand. Read more about brand marketing.

BrandMatters can facilitate workshops with you and your key stakeholders to help you extract the information you need to develop your marketing strategy and plan. Alternatively, BrandMatters can write your brand strategy for you, including your marketing objectives, target audience/s, a SWOT analysis, competitive review, the high-level strategies that will achieve your marketing objectives, and how you'll measure your results. We can develop an associated marketing plan - the roadmap for your brand execution for the year. It details the tactics you will use to execute against your strategy and ultimately achieve your objectives, as well as a marketing calendar for the rollout of initiatives during the year.

We can also run communication strategy and content planning workshops, and develop, or help you develop, your comms and content plans.

Go-to-market strategy

BrandMatters can facilitate workshops to develop your go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy), an action plan that specifies how your organisation will put offerings into the market to reach market penetration, revenue and profitability expectations. It details how your product/s or service/s will be delivered to your customers, taking into account pricing and distribution. A GTM strategy is similar to a business plan, although business plans are broader in scope. A GTM strategy provides a product roadmap that details how your product/s will evolve, as well as any future product extensions or entry into new markets.

Brand activation

Once you have a brand strategy, and are clear on what your brand stands for, we can help you to activate your brand. This means three things:

  • Consistency - the business must communicate its message and identity consistently
  • Understanding - every member of the business must understand how to walk and talk the brand - it must be internally lived
  • Awareness - what the brand stands for must then reach the customer in a way that cuts through - it must be externally understood.

Brand launch planning

Having assisted hundreds of organisations with their brand initiatives, particularly rebrands and brand refreshes, BrandMatters can plan for and design a brand launch that will spark success for your business. It's important that this takes into account your internal audience (your employees), as well as your external stakeholders (your prospects, customers, partners, the community and other stakeholders). You only get one chance at launching your brand to the market. It's worth investing the time and money to plan your launch carefully - and then ensure it is executed effectively.

Brand rollout & project management

Through years of experience across hundreds of brand projects, BrandMatters understands project management and what it takes to make a brand project successful. At the beginning of each new client project, we create a project plan, detailing the phases and steps, how they interrelate, and who is responsible for each. We work closely with you over the life of the project via regular work-in-progress meetings to ensure things stay on track - or help you to mitigate any unforeseen issues.

However, for a brand project to be implemented effectively, within time and budget constraints, and result in a successful outcome, it is critical to assign sufficient resources to the task. Sometimes, resources are scarce, and you may feel that you need extra support for your brand project. BrandMatters can assist, with our BM Inside service. With BM Inside, we place a BrandMatters marketer inside your business for as many days per week as you need, for as long a period as you need. Best of all the service is completely flexible and can be started, stopped, and dialled up and down in line with requirements. Learn more about BM Inside.

Brand management

Once your brand has been established, it needs to be continually maintained, managed and nurtured through innovation and creativity to ensure it remains credible, unique, and relevant to your customers. BrandMatters can assist, from the initial creation of your brand strategy, to facilitating marketing, brand activation and communication planning workshops to the development of marketing strategy and plans. If you are short on resources to execute your marketing plans, you may wish to consider BM Inside. We also offer brand research, measurement and tracking services. Learn more about brand management.

Brand measurement

Best practice brand management involves measuring your brand awareness, brand preference and product usage over time. BrandMatters can design and implement a brand tracking program for your brand, and extract insights that will help you tweak your ongoing brand management to achieve optimal results. As an added advantage, we have a normative database of over 14,000 business owners and decision makers that can help you understand how well your brand is performing within the B2B context. See our brand research page for more information on brand tracking. We can also measure your internal brand understanding and engagement via employee surveys.

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