Brand development

What is brand development?

Brand development can mean several things. It can mean the creation of a new brand from scratch, or it can mean the development, or evolution, of an existing brand. To develop means, "to grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or evolved".

Establishing a strong brand ensures your clients and prospects can clearly tell your product or service apart from your competitors. It specifies and expresses how your offering is unique and compelling, providing a reason to choose your offering over others. It's therefore critically important to invest in the process of creating and developing your new brand.

Developing a new brand generally involves:

  • research into the category and existing competitors
  • developing your brand positioning, brand values, story and supporting brand strategy, based on the insights gleaned from the brand research
  • naming your new brand
  • developing your brand's tone of voice, key messaging and tagline if you've decided to adopt one
  • developing your brand's logo and visual identity system
  • developing your brand marketing strategy and go-to-market strategy
  • planning your brand launch - both to your internal team and the external market
  • launching and then rolling out your new brand
  • managing and measuring your brand ongoing.

You may have an existing brand that is in need of revitalisation. It may have lost relevance or credibility or you may not be clear on what it stands for in today's market. The business environment or market may be changing. Your organisation may have a new strategic direction, a new audience, or undertaking a merger or acquisition. Or you may need to address recent trademarking, legal or reputation issues. In these cases, you're likely to need a rebrand. However, if you require more of an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary change, you may only need a brand refresh.

Whatever the reason, developing a brand that you already have may involve any or all of the steps listed above for developing a new brand. It will depend on the reason for the rebrand or refresh, and which areas need to be addressed or improved.

You can read more on our rebranding page, or download our Guide to Rebranding.

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