Branding Workshop

BrandMatters is proud to introduce The Brand Distillery Workshop. A powerful one-day workshop where you will uncover the essence of your brand.

"Extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of your brand which will provide brand clarity for your organisation."

Paul Nelson

Managing Director

The process

Since 2002, the team at BrandMatters has been working with organisations to define their brand positioning or reason for being. This honed statement of just 3 or 4 words is what we've often described as the moment of pure clarity.

This process is part science, part creativity.
The art of extracting insights from a well-informed group and distilling this quickly into honed insights is what we do best. The workshop will clarify not only your brand's essence, it will also set the scene for your brand story or narrative.

We will also pinpoint which traits of your brand's personality should shine through in order to best resonate with your target audience.

The ingredients


Business owners and key stakeholders are invited to participate in this one-day collaborative workshop. Expect your collective brains to be picked and the golden nuggets of genius to be captured.


We've fine-tuned our expertise over many years where we consistently delight our clients with our ability to quickly unpack complexity, articulate the key insights and distil these into an actionable strategy.


We believe it is important for the creative juices to be flowing to get the most out of the day, whether this workshop is in person or online, we give your team the space to be bold, speak the truth and brainstorm ideas.

The deliverables (what you walk away with)

  • A ranking of your brand’s ownable characteristics.
  • Your brand’s personality, defined.
  • A high-level market map within your competitive context.
  • A defined and agreed understanding of which client group represents the most value to you as a brand.
  • Your brand's unique and ownable space and reason for being (brand positioning).
  • The clear benefit your brand delivers, which informs your key messaging (brand proposition).

The benefits

  • A guiding light for future decision-making, anchored and informed by your brand’s key point of difference.
  • The ammunition required to craft a compelling brand story.
  • Confidence that your brand resonates with your target audience.
  • An aligned team that believes in your brand and what it stands for.
  • Cut-through and differentiation from your competitors.
  • A path from complexity to simplicity.
  • The realisation of clarity from obscurity.


of B2B marketing leaders say brand positioning is criticial for business growth.

Circle Research


of CEOs are now banking on CMOs and marketing leaders to drive growth.

McKinsey & Co

Why BrandMatters?

The team at BrandMatters has built a reputation for our ability to unpack complexity, find meaningful insights that make a real difference to brands and their clients.

This one-day workshop, aptly named The Brand Distillery, was born from the realisation that clients increasingly need to act fast and act immediately with a strategic process that will ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

With our team's expertise and your team's collective business intelligence, BrandMatters' workshop can distill the true meaning of your brand so you can confidently and strategically tell your brand's story in a way that will truly resonate and drive growth.

"When we contacted BrandMatters, we knew that in order to stand out to prospective clients and set ourselves up for maximum growth, we needed help in developing a compelling brand story. BrandMatters helped us to identify and harness the strengths that lay inside our brand, and developed powerful brand, marketing and referral strategies for us."

Brenton Tong

Managing Director & Senior Financial Adviser
Financial Spectrum.