Vero SME insurance index 2014 launches

Vero SME insurance index 2014 launches

Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:29

Vero SME Insurance Index 2014 launch

As part of our ongoing partnership with Vero, part of the Suncorp Group, BrandMatters is proud to announce the launch of the Vero SME Insurance Index 2014.

The 2014 Index is the third Index BrandMatters has developed in partnership with Vero. The purpose of the Index is to help insurance brokers to understand and work with their clients (small to medium enterprises, or SMEs) more effectively, by identifying insurance industry insights; shedding light on the attitudes and behaviours of SMEs with regard to insurance; and highlighting challenges and opportunities in the SME insurance sector.

The 2014 report is based on the largest research study yet in the series. BrandMatters conducted an online, quantitative survey with 1518 business owners and insurance decision makers around Australia, in addition to a series of 12 qualitative interviews filmed on site at SME businesses.

The key findings highlighted the demands and pressures that business owners and decision makers are under, the importance of strong broker-client relationships, the increasing involvement of SMEs in the insurance process, and that even though broker usage appears to be softening slightly, many SMEs are actually considering using a broker. The study also identified four, clear segments of SMEs with regard to insurance purchases.

In addition to conducting the research study, BrandMatters wrote, designed and produced the 32 page report. We created a Prezi for Vero BDMs to use to launch the Index and communicate the main findings to insurance brokers, and conducted face-to-face training sessions with the BDMs around Australia. We also created a special Prezi to launch the Vero SME Insurance Index at the Steadfast Convention on 3 March. Videos of the qualitative interviews were created and included in the Prezis and on the dedicated Index website. To support the index, BrandMatters also created and designed accompanying broker tools, including a workbook for Steadfast brokers and, “The Brokers’ Guide to SME Customer Segments”.

We invite you to download a copy of the Vero SME Insurance Index 2014.

You can also view the Vero SME Insurance Index 2013, and the Vero SME Insurance Index 2012.