The content marketing threat

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 11:01

At BrandMatters we are in the business of helping businesses become more self-aware. It is not until you have a deep understanding of your business, your vision and your marketplace that you can truly develop a unique positioning for your brand, and embed it within your organisation.

With that in mind, we think this presentation speaks for itself. Read it, enjoy it and share it. Our commitment at BrandMatters is to try our hardest to develop content that is meaningful, valuable and relevant – and from time to time, to wow you with a case study of our recent work.

For those who don’t have the time to spend reading the entire presentation (though trust us, it’s worth it), the six core points the presentation is aiming to leave with its audience are -

To deliver a consistent, cut-through content marketing strategy you must:

  • Be the buyer. Everything starts with their challenges, needs, prejudices and concerns.


  • Be authoritative. Stay in your Sweet Spot, where the things you understand better than anyone else intersect with the things your prospects really care about.


  • Be strategic. One-off content islands don’t add up to a content strategy.


  • Be prolific. Content Marketing is a marathon not a shot put.


  • Be passionate. If you don’t care about this stuff, why should anybody else?


  • Be tough on yourself. You’ll know if you’re being lazy. Don’t be lazy.


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