Tag Heuer pulls Tiger Woods endorsement

Friday, 11 December 2009 01:17

Last week the Tiger Woods brand seemed as though it would be able to whether the rough waves that were sure to rock his relationship with his sposnors. Nike, Gilette, American Express, TAG Heuer, Gatorade and others were standing firm with announcements that the controversy wouldn't stop their endorsements.

That solidarity is beginning to crumble. While no sponsor has yet officially announced their distance from the Tiger Woods brand, Tag and Gatorade have both pulled down all marketing collateral with Woods on it.

Gatorade's parent company Pepsi insisted their decision had nothing to do with Woods' fall from grace. Pepsi said, "our partnership with Tiger does continue. Tiger and his family have our support as he works through his private matter."

Since the story of Woods' extramarital affairs broke, advertisements featuring Woods have disappeared from US prime-time broadcast television and 19 cable channels.

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