Save your logo

Thursday, 07 January 2010 01:34

Lacoste has committed itself to help preserve the animal used as their logo mark. That animal is the croc, and in this instance the endangered Gange gharial crocodile. They're an endangered species with only an estimated 1, 400 alive in the wild.

The company will donate $500, 000 to protect the reptile over the next three years.

Lacoste president Michael Lacoste said, "we hope to be able to give back to our iconic crocodile- to whom we owe so much- a small part of what he has brought us. Seventy-five years ago, we were the first company to embroider a logo on apparel, and now we are the first company to support 'Save Your Logo'."

Save Your Logo is an initiative to match up preservation for endangered species with companies who use those animals in their brand and/or logo. According to their estimates there's over 300 major international brands that use plants or animals that are threatened by extinction - just think Puma, Peugeot, Janguar, Maafand Esso for starters.

It's a great way for these companies to help the natural environment in an effort that provides a unique yet parallel brand linkage.