Sage SME business sentiment index 2011 and integrated campaign

Sage SME business sentiment index 2011 and integrated campaign

Sunday, 17 July 2011 19:01

Sage is leading, global business management software specialist, and a BrandMatters client for the last five years. As a leading provider of software to SMEs, the company is committed to having a deep understanding of the needs and issues facing its customers, and commissioned a research project to provide in-depth insight into the Australian business landscape.

The Sage SME Business Sentiment Index 2011 was launched this year at a media briefing, and is the first in a regular series. The report is based on a comprehensive market research study involving both qualitative and quantitative research and over 600 business owners, decision makers and business experts across all business sizes and industries in Australia. The SME index is a demonstration of the Sage brand promise - Sage lives and breathes SMEs' businesses.

Click here to download the Sage SME Business Sentiment Index 2011

The SME Index forms part of a sophisticated, integrated Sage campaign which BrandMatters created and is currently implementing, combining traditional media (TV and print) and digital. The campaign has two objectives - to build the Sage brand profile and generate high-quality leads. Prospects are driven online to a micro-site, where they can engage in multiple ways with the brand. They can use the Business Advantage Calculator to report on the performance of their current software, sign up for a free software health check, read case studies and testimonials, and also download the Sage SME Business Sentiment Index.

Like to hear more about the Sage journey from a house of brands to a branded house and the integrated campaign? Join Paul Nelson, BrandMatters' MD for a two-part webinar series in partnership with the Australian Marketing Institute.

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