The BrandMatters rebrand: our new logo and brand identity

Saturday, 07 November 2009 01:01

What's changed and why?
For our existing clients and those who know us, after seven years in upper case blue and red, you will see a rather dramatic change in our new logo.

As we all know, good logos are always reflective of the business' aspiration - they are the ultimate and most recognisable symbol to present and summarise the brand. For those wondering what has driven this change, the following explains why...

Our old logo:
When we created our logo seven years ago, the blue type reflected our desired focus on larger corporate clients; the red signifying and reflecting our desired performance and what we would achieve for ourselves and for others. The use of upper case was intended to disguise our micro size, and included the inherent request to "be heard" by much much larger clients that we hoped to serve.

The "thinking bubbles"
Our thinking is something we continue to pride ourselves on and is an element that we believe distinguishes us from our competition. So the thinking bubbles in our old logo continue to reflect our inherent offer and will feature more strongly within our new identity system. As part of this, they no longer form part of our new logo.

Our new logo:
Seven years on, it's time to evolve our brand mark to have it more reflective of our current aspiration and offer.

It is more contemporary than the old logo (just compare the two side by side), and reflects an understated, self assuredness and quieter confidence than the old brand.

The use of colour also reflects our evolving and expanded offer in creative services and web and digital design. The lime green is bright, fresh and distinctive and denotes balance, harmony, stability, insight and a receptiveness to absorb knowledge. To balance and compliment this, the grey reflects security, maturity, reliability and a composed intelligence.

We expect it to serve and reflect us as well as our old mark has, for the next seven years and beyond!

What hasn't changed - Our Name:
Naturally our name has not changed in the slightest. It continues to be as reflective and appropriate as ever. It still embodies our belief and describes our daily activity. It's a classic, descriptive name - in the simplest of terms "it does what it says on the tin".