Nokia's rebrand

Nokia has redesigned their typeface as part of an attempt to rebrand the company. So it's goodbye to Nokia Sans and hello to Nokia Pure - a new font crafted by London based typographic designer Bruno Maag.

Nokia have commented on their blog:

"It's a new brand image that's simpler, fresher and stronger than before... the letters flow into each other somewhat, creating the impression of forward movement."


New Nokia Tag Line

The primary tag line for the company now is "Nokia Pure". It is expected that the new font will be followed by a new logo as well, with the eventual adoption of both into all future Nokia products and user interfaces.

Branding and Fonts

The right type face, designed to perfectly capture the personality of the business, is an essential element of a coherent branding strategy. Font designer Maag said, "It was a balancing act. An elegantly simple typeface that doesn't draw attention to itself, but is still distinctive and different. For me, it's the rhythm of the typeface and the relationship between characters that's critical. After all, when it's set in Arabic, you still need to know that it's Nokia, and this is achieved by creating a recognisable rhythm."

Nokia's Much Needed Brand Overhaul

The new font is part of a brand overhaul that Nokia is desperate to usher in. Nokia was the leader of the pack in mobile phone brands before the iPhone, and the smart phone as a category sent them to the back of the classroom. Nokia is now, under the leadership of CEO Stephen Elop leaving behind their operating systems Symbian and MeeGo to partner with Microsoft and use Windows Phone 7. Nokia is seeking to develop a device and operating system that will compete with Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

The new font face is meant to express this new ambition. But whether it goes far enough is questionable.