IKEA's brilliant Facebook campaign

Saturday, 28 November 2009 01:13

IKEA have set the social-media world ablaze with a breakthrough brand campaign in Sweden. Here's the story. IKEA opened a new store in Malmo, a small Swedish city, without a huge marketing budget up their sleeve. So they took it to Facebook.

They created a Facebook profile for their store manage, Gordon Gustavsson, and over two-weeks, began uploading images from the IKEA showrooms onto his Facebook photo album. They then spread the word that the first person to tag their name to a product won that item.

Word got out and it didn't take very long until Swedes near and far begging Gordon for more pictures so that they could tag themselves to a new sofa, bed, or vase. Inadvertantly thousands of Swedes were spreading pictures of IKEA showrooms through their profile updates, presenting the IKEA brand to their personal network.