How to succeed in strategic brand management

Monday, 23 June 2014 14:40

The insurance broking industry is as competitive as it has ever been, and brand has a critical role to play in helping differentiate your business and attract and retain clients. In this video for NIBA TV, BrandMatters’ Managing Director Paul Nelson shares some brand fundamentals and discussed how brand can impact business performance.


In the video, Paul highlights the following elements key to any organisation’s approach to brand:

Defining your brand: Brand is the sum of the overall experiences a person expects to have when they interact with your organisation.  It needs to be unique, credible, compelling and sustainable.

Positioning you brand: Once you’re clear on what is truly distinctive about your organisation, that message needs to be delivered across all your brand touch points.

The need for courage: The biggest risk for a brand is to do what everyone else is doing – to present yourself with a numbing sameness.

Maintaining your brand: Markets, channels, customers change over time. To stay relevant, you need to review and recalibrate your brand regularly.

Brand and business strategy: Brand is a powerful device. It enables our business strategy and unites our employees behind a common goal. A successful brand strategy will align all the components of your business to your brand.

Paul will be hosting a breakfast branding masterclass at 32nd NIBA Convention in Adelaide in September.