When FleetPartners announced plans for an IPO, it set a target of raising $253 million for the float. As an additional challenge, the listed entity was the new corporate figurehead bringing together a group of previously separate brands, including FleetPartners, Fleet Plus, Fleet Choice, Auto Select, Carloans.com.au and a new commercial equipment financing business.

One of the biggest challenges for the new entity was to make sense of the newly formed group of companies, and then to build a brand positioning and brand story that would help communicate its intent to the investor target audience.

BrandMatters commenced a fast tracked and challenging program of desk research and 19 depth interviews with senior executives and board members, leading to the development of a distinctive and powerful brand positioning. Once the brand positioning was approved, brand naming and logo and identity development commenced.

The Eclipx Group name was embraced enthusiastically internally, and the energy and passion inherent in the brand and name were then translated across to a new logo and look and feel. The Eclipx name was chosen because it carried the brands business intention – to disrupt the market and to eclipse the competition. It was also short, sharp, easily pronounceable, and the use of the X captured energy and a sense of forward movement so prevalent within the organisation.

BrandMatters worked with Eclipx Group on the roll-out and launch of the brand, including brand story and key message development, corporate stationery, a website, the IPO website, banners, event invitations, and a visually striking brand presentation used at the launch event.

Eclipx Group listed on the ASX on 22 April 2015, and shares rose 20% on its first day of trade. BrandMatters continues to work with Eclipx Group as it builds its brand both internally and externally, and establishes its equipment financing business, Eclipx Commercial.