CSU: rebranding a University

Due to the lifting of previously imposed student number caps, and other, changing market conditions, tertiary institutions are now finding themselves needing to compete more vigorously in regional, national and international markets. In the last few years, there has been a strong move for universities to rethink their branding and brand strategy.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) found itself in this position. CSU was a model regional university, yet its regional location often meant the broader role it performed was overlooked. Large-scale growth over the last two decades resulted in a confused set of overlapping identities, and inconsistent use of logos and visual styles exacerbated this confusion and eroded the brand.

BrandMatters was engaged to complete an entire re-brand for CSU. After extensive qualitative and quantitative research into the higher education sector, the brand, positioning and CSU's unique role in the market were defined. BrandMatters then created a new logo, visual identity and key messaging to align with the brand positioning, and encapsulated all of this into a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. The new brand was launched in February 2011.

Paul Nelson, Managing Director of BrandMatters, recently wrote an article about this project, which was published in Campus Review Magazine.

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