Branding explained - as appeared in Desktop magazine

Branding explained - as appeared in Desktop magazine

Monday, 05 July 2010 19:33

A few months ago BrandMatters was approached by Desktop magazine to do a feature on branding. Desktop is a leading industry publication catering to the creative services industry. They cover news, trends, and inspiration for design, photography, digital media, packaging, advertising and more. As a business we subscribe to Desktop Magazine ourselves, so we're quite familiar with the publication.

Desktop wanted a feature profile on BrandMatters, and to present a basic guide on Branding (strategy) and our approach to branding in the broadest terms. The target audience of the magazine, professional creatives, would be aware of some of the conceptual and visual ideas around branding. They would also be aware of the need to conduct their work within the brand style and language of their clients. However, while working this way would be familiar, the strategic, conceptual and systematic work behind branding is not always as clearly understood.

Read the full article as it appeared here.

Review the Desktop magazine website here.

Article Excerpt: Top Tips for successful branding

  • Brands are built around one simple, unifying idea, which they deliver clearly and consistently
  • Brands should own an idea in the market and this is what differentiates them from their competitors
  • Brands understand their customers- needs and deliver to them
  • Brands are built on a solid foundation of strong business fundamentals and are well-managed
  • Brands internally "live and breathe their brand", and
  • Brands externally make their customers believe what they stand for.