ASX new brand architecture

Wednesday, 04 August 2010 19:47

The Australian Securities Exchange Ltd (ASX) has reconfigured the brand architecture between its holding company and subsidiaries.

On Monday the ASX announced that the ASX Group will be its new overarching brand, with ASX, ASX Clearing Corporation Ltd, ASX Settlement Corporation Ltd, ASX Compliance Pty Ltd and other subsidiaries sitting underneath.

The ASX logo will feature the words ASX Group.

Continuing from our examination of brand architecture earlier this week, this is a good example of a Branded House where all products support the same message with the same core brand values against the similar buying group.

This type of branding structure is used to:

  • Reflects broad strength
  • Present a single focused offer
  • Clarifies layering
  • Act as a clear reference point
  • Establishes a point of trust and assurance

It requires:

  • A clearly articulated vision and values set applicable across the business
  • Unilateral support
  • Strong brand management

Examples above and beyond the ASX include Virgin Group, General Electric, BMW and American Express